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An adventure a day...

What is an adventure? It might conjure up images of climbing mountains or trekking through jungles. But the interesting thing about adventure is that in the end it comes down to perception — what may be seen as risky to one person, may be an every day activity to another. My personal definition of adventure is that it takes you outside your comfort zone and expands your horizons. And it is by going outside our comfort zone that we grow resilience.

The other thing about adventure is that we tend to see it as a big event or goal that we work towards. Whilst that can be inspiring, it can also be difficult to fit into every day life — and by focusing purely on the one-off “bucket list” events then we miss the daily opportunities to stretch ourselves and grow.

I often look to my kids for inspiration here. For them, every day is a myriad of small adventures — whether it’s learning to ride their bike, trying a new club or just playing a new game in the playground with their friends. It is this openness to adventure that is vital to their growth and development — learning to face their fears is a daily challenge, but it’s something we can start to lose sight of as we become adults.

So, with this in mind, maybe it’s time to start looking for where you can add some more adventure into your daily life? It can be as simple as trying a new running route or reaching out to someone you have been wanting to connect with for ages. There are no rules — the key is squaring up to that niggling doubt in the back of your mind saying “I’m not sure I can I do this” — and then doing it anyway. And the best thing about looking for new adventures is it’s not just about the end goal, you also get to enjoy the ride!

Nicki Bass is the Founder and Director of Resilience At Work. A former Army Officer with a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology, she is passionate about using the skills gained from 17 years in the military to help others achieve their potential. Her flagship Resilient Women Adventure workshops combine adventurous sports and leadership coaching to develop confidence and resilience in the workplace and beyond.


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