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Sharing ideas and thoughts on how to add everyday adventure to your workplace.

Resilience at Work is a Learning and Development consultancy that helps organisations to build high-performing teams and leaders through adventure. Established in 2017, we provide a range of wellbeing and leadership solutions to address many challenges faced by businesses today.


Our founder, Nicki Bass is a Business Psychologist, Army Veteran and podcast host, who has a broad experience in working with a wide range of organisations across the private and public sectors.


Nicki is available to speak or comment about a wide range of topics including Wellbeing and Resilience, Leadership and Building High Performing Teams.


Nicki is represented by 360 Speakers. For any press enquiries or media pack requests or speaker enquiries, please get in touch with Tracey Duke at 360 Speakers. 


Nicki has been featured on the following podcasts:

Grit with Nicki Bass by Thinking Outside The Fox

Nicki Bass is Occupational Psychologist, keynote speaker and executive coach with specific expertise in resilience and leadership development. Having spent 18 years as an officer in the British Army focused on learning and development, she combines deep theoretical knowledge with lived experience as a leader in the most high-pressured environments. She has worked with a wide variety of organisations and teams, in both the public and private sectors and specialises in helping teams with complex and challenging dynamics.    Nicki is a TEDx speaker and the host of The Everyday Adventure Podcast and is passionate about enabling others to lead more fulfilling and adventurous lives. She can usually be found in her trainers, on her surfboard or endlessly walking her two dogs along the beach!

Podcast | Julian Roberts

Helping organisations thrive is a podcast to provide leaders with insights, discussions and robust strategies to help their companies thrive. We will be interviewing business leaders, owners and experts and thought leaders in the field of business resilience.

Nicki Bass - Host of The Everyday Adventure Podcast, Army Veteran turned Resilience Consultant.

Nicki Bass is a Business Psychologist, Army Veteran and host of The Everyday Adventure Podcast. Having always loved the thrill of adventure

Season 2, Ep 16 - Nicki Bass on The Importance of Everyday Adventures - 28 Summers - Find Your Adventure

My guest today is Nicki Bass. Nicki spent 17 years in the British Army and through her training and deployments built up a mindset and resilience she could apply to her life after leaving the armed forces.  She holds a Masters in Occupa...

Anxiety 2 Confidence podcast

Listen to Anxiety 2 Confidence podcast on Spotify. This podcast is brought to you by Siobhan Booth, clinical hypnotherapist and clinic owner. Every week we will be discussing different aspects of anxiety and confidence and giving you tips on improving your mindset. Find out what negative thoughts are holding you back by visiting:

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