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Training solutions to build high performing resilient teams

We offer a number of training solutions to support leaders, individuals and teams and we create a bespoke package based on the challenges faced by your organisation. The ultimate aim is to build teams and leaders that perform and thrive, regardless of the challenges they face.


All of our training is grounded in the latest research, whilst containing practical strategies and ideas that really work. Delivery is led by our expert facilitators whose sole focus is to enable your people to understand and apply what they learn. We can help teams and leaders to overcome a variety of workplace challenges including (but not limited to): stress, burnout, hybrid working patterns, overwhelm, changing environments and coping with uncertainty.

What Training Solutions are available?

Our training programmes are focused on four key areas:

Building resilient teams

Individual resilience

Leadership development

Managing through change


In the post-COVID world of hybrid working, teams have become more dislocated and are often struggling to reconnect. Our expert training and expert enables teams to perform at the highest level, whilst maintaining resilience and connection.

Our Process

With any new client or project, we believe it is fundamental to understand what the organisation is seeking to achieve.  We then work closely with our clients to co-create a solution focused on resolving the challenges they are facing.

Once the solution is agreed, we plan delivery of the training, to work around your timelines. This could be delivered in a condensed timeframe or extended over a longer period to apply learning and enable reflection.

During the implementation phase, there may be a need to evolve and adapt the training and support – we remain agile to adjust to requirements as they arise. 


We consider the review to be an essential part of our training packages. On completion of the training, we gather feedback from clients and delegates to ensure that all requirements have been met and identify any further support that may be needed.

Training with Resilience at Work
One hour lunch & learn

One hour "lunch and learn"
During this 60 minute session, we share some of the principles and theories of resilience as well as practical tips to help you support your high performing teams and leaders.

Half Day

Half Day Package: 
Indoors or outdoors, this 3 hour session covers the principles behind creating resilient leaders and/ or teams. Interactive by design, it provides the opportunity to explore these concepts further through conversations and targeted activities.

Full Day

Full Day Package: 
This experiential session is held outdoors wherever possible and focuses on building connection and trust within the team. Adventurous activities are interwoven with with theory and reflective sessions to ensure that learning is fully embedded.  Activities are location and outcome dependent. Typical examples may include (but are not limited to) high ropes, survival/ bushcraft activities, coasteering, paddleboarding and surfing.

We have three main areas of training to help our clients:

“I knew I had a few issues around self-confidence and self-belief and I was beginning to think this was holding me and my business back.  Trying to surf for the first time and jumping off very high rocks into the wea when I a terrified of heights as well as group sessions focused around leadership, gave me some inner strength and grit I hadn’t tapped into before.  Two months later I got the investment I had been pitching for, for the past 18 months.  I am sure that my newfound resilience and self-belief had a lot to do with it!”

Features Editor, National Newspaper and Start-Up Founder

“Nicki is such a down-to-earth, warm and friendly host, with so much knowledge and experience to learn from!  Her outlook on life and genuine passion for wanting to encourage others to take a chance and step out of their comfort zones is incredibly inspiring.  Aside from coming away from the workshop with memories, experiences to tick off the bucket list, new friends and discovering a new place to visit – it also made me realise how important it is mentally to do things that force you to “live in the moment” more, and most importantly learn not to feel guilty or worried for taking time away from everyday life and do something a little bit spontaneous just for myself!”

Digital Marketing Editor

“Physically I am fairly fearless, so this was about working on my confidence and quieting my inner critic.  So while I was excited about the surfing and coasteering, I was anxious about sharing my concerns with strangers.  However, this was so liberating and a fundamental stage of understanding and improving my resilience.”

Secondary School Science Teacher

“I attended Nicki's Resilient Women Adventure Weekend in Devon and it completely changed my mindset both from a personal and business perspective. Learning about your own strengths and weaknesses in an informal environment, with a group of likeminded women, and having great fun along the way was amazing. I came away from the weekend full of positive energy and techniques I implement in everyday situations. I couldn't recommend Nicki enough - she is an amazing coach, and you MUST give the adventure weekends a go!”

Director, Content Marketing Agency

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