Resilience at Work was founded by Nicki Bass, a former Army Officer who has spent 17 years leading and developing others both in the UK and in conflict zones around the world. Having served on a number of operational deployments, she has experienced first-hand how being taken outside of your comfort zone can dramatically increase your resilience and improve your ability to face life's challenges. Combined with a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology, this lived experience gives her a unique insight into how resilience theory and practice align.

The basic principles of the Army's approach to resilience can be universally applied. One of the most enjoyable and effective methods of taking soldiers outside of their comfort zone is Adventurous Training. This not only challenges you, but is also stimulating, rewarding and creates authentic and lasting connections. Having always loved the adrenaline rush of adventure sports, we know they also offer a really fun way to test your own beliefs of what you are capable of achieving. 


In line with the above, our approach to coaching and facilitation is about supporting you and your teams in your quest to go further. You will accomplish things you never knew you could do. This is not about pushing too hard and too fast, but is instead focused on changing perceptions of your limitations and unlocking performance as a result. 


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  • MSc Occupational Psychology, University of Leicester

  • Diploma in Psychology (Postgraduate Conversion), The Open University

  • CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Further Education),  University of Wales

  • BA(Hons) French, University of Birmingham

  • Command and Staff College, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


  • The British Psychological Society (BPS)

  • Association for Business Psychology (ABP)

  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

  • Accredited Resilience Tools TM Consultant

  • Accredited Myndflex TM Consultant