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Executive Coaching

Helping leaders to step out of their comfort zone and build resilient teams

Executive Coaching creates the time and space that a leader needs to develop their skills and reflect on their own behaviours and direction. Our 1-1 coaching packages are devised for mid and senior level leaders who already have an understanding of leadership principles but want to refine their approach, consider their next steps or tackle a specific challenge. 

Common reasons for seeking coaching may include (but are not limited to): Starting a new role, development for promotion work/ life balance, managing stress, tackling burnout, managing through change

What is Executive Coaching?

We ask a lot of our leaders. They are usually exceptional performers who are experts in their industry and specialism. But leading people doesn't come with a rule books and often requires an additional set of skills. We know from research that many leaders feel ill equipped to balance meeting the needs of their team whilst achieving the task outcomes required. They can feel caught in a cycle of delivery and action with little time to reflect on the effectiveness of their approach. This is where we can help.

Our Process:

First and foremost, coaching is a partnership. We always begin with an introductory call to understand individual goals and establish how we can work together most effectively. 


Once you have decided that you would like to work with one of our coaches, we will send through a coaching contract. This establishes the principles and ethics of the coaching relationship as well as confirming the number of sessions and pricing structure (please note we provide discounted rates for members of the Armed Forces and Blue Light Emergency Services).

A typical structure would consist of 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions over a period of 6-8 months. However, we also offer shorter coaching packages and can extend/ compress the timeframe depending on your specific goals.


We offer sessions online and in person (Dorset/ Hampshire) and can also provide outdoor walking and coaching sessions.


We are mindful of work and personal commitments and structure the sessions to ensure that they work for your needs and are guided by the principles of confidentiality and privacy at all times. We adhere by the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct. 

Executive Coaching

“I knew I had a few issues around self-confidence and self-belief and I was beginning to think this was holding me and my business back.  Trying to surf for the first time and jumping off very high rocks into the wea when I a terrified of heights as well as group sessions focused around leadership, gave me some inner strength and grit I hadn’t tapped into before.  Two months later I got the investment I had been pitching for, for the past 18 months.  I am sure that my newfound resilience and self-belief had a lot to do with it!”

Features Editor, National Newspaper and Start-Up Founder

“Nicki is such a down-to-earth, warm and friendly host, with so much knowledge and experience to learn from!  Her outlook on life and genuine passion for wanting to encourage others to take a chance and step out of their comfort zones is incredibly inspiring.  Aside from coming away from the workshop with memories, experiences to tick off the bucket list, new friends and discovering a new place to visit – it also made me realise how important it is mentally to do things that force you to “live in the moment” more, and most importantly learn not to feel guilty or worried for taking time away from everyday life and do something a little bit spontaneous just for myself!”

Digital Marketing Editor

“Physically I am fairly fearless, so this was about working on my confidence and quieting my inner critic.  So while I was excited about the surfing and coasteering, I was anxious about sharing my concerns with strangers.  However, this was so liberating and a fundamental stage of understanding and improving my resilience.”

Secondary School Science Teacher

“I attended Nicki's Resilient Women Adventure Weekend in Devon and it completely changed my mindset both from a personal and business perspective. Learning about your own strengths and weaknesses in an informal environment, with a group of likeminded women, and having great fun along the way was amazing. I came away from the weekend full of positive energy and techniques I implement in everyday situations. I couldn't recommend Nicki enough - she is an amazing coach, and you MUST give the adventure weekends a go!”

Director, Content Marketing Agency

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