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Our training and consultancy solutions can help organisations to overcome an immediate challenge they face.

Offsite &
Away Days

Our offsite experiences aim to build resilience in high performing teams.  Both challenging and enjoyable these days help teams to increase trust and work sustainably under pressure.

Learning & Development Design

Helping people to grow and develop is key to creating an exceptional organisation. Our consultancy service designs bespoke programmes to address your organisation’s individual challenges.


Executive coaching provides leaders with time to reflect, essential for making good decisions.  We offer a range of executive coaching packages to help leaders thrive under pressure and perform at their best.

What we do

Our leaders and teams face unprecedented pressures in the workplace.  They are expected to sustain high performance, respond rapidly to change and make critical decisions in the face of uncertainty.  At the same time organisations are experiencing a surge in challenges to the psychological wellbeing of their employees and teams.


This is where we can help.  


At Resilience at Work, we believe that it is possible for teams to deliver exceptional outcomes under pressure, whilst supporting their resilience.  This is backed by research which shows that factors including motivation, confidence and perceived social support can protect individuals from potential stressors.


We use a range of methods to help our clients overcome the workplace challenges they face.  Our experience of working across multiple sectors and organisations has taught us that there are leadership and resilience fundamentals that apply to all.  Yet, we also recognise that every organisation faces unique demands.  As a result every solution is co-created to meet your specific needs, ensuring it is not only effective in the moment, but is built to endure. 

Building resilience through challenge and adventure

Learn more about how we can help your organisation

At Resilience at Work we start with a conversation.  This allows us to clearly identify the challenges you are seeking to overcome and design a solution that works.  


Our philosophy is to treat  resilience as a muscle - a psychological “core” - which can be developed through practice.  This core keeps us stable and allows us to adapt and grow as a result of challenges we face.

A wealth of evidence shows that when we step outside of our comfort zones, this core expands and provides a solid foundation to meet whatever the future may bring.   We embody this perspective in our delivery across our training, design consultancy and executive coaching programmes.  This enables your teams to develop and sustain high-performance, whilst critically protecting and boosting their wellbeing.  

How we work

Offsite and Away Days

“I knew I had a few issues around self-confidence and self-belief and I was beginning to think this was holding me and my business back.  Trying to surf for the first time and jumping off very high rocks into the wea when I a terrified of heights as well as group sessions focused around leadership, gave me some inner strength and grit I hadn’t tapped into before.  Two months later I got the investment I had been pitching for, for the past 18 months.  I am sure that my newfound resilience and self-belief had a lot to do with it!”

Features Editor, National Newspaper and Start-Up Founder

“Nicki is such a down-to-earth, warm and friendly host, with so much knowledge and experience to learn from!  Her outlook on life and genuine passion for wanting to encourage others to take a chance and step out of their comfort zones is incredibly inspiring.  Aside from coming away from the workshop with memories, experiences to tick off the bucket list, new friends and discovering a new place to visit – it also made me realise how important it is mentally to do things that force you to “live in the moment” more, and most importantly learn not to feel guilty or worried for taking time away from everyday life and do something a little bit spontaneous just for myself!”

Founder, Digital Marketing Agency

“Physically I am fairly fearless, so this was about working on my confidence and quieting my inner critic.  So while I was excited about the surfing and coasteering, I was anxious about sharing my concerns...However, this was so liberating and a fundamental stage of understanding and improving my resilience.”

Secondary School Science Teacher

“(The resilience and adventure workshop) completely changed my mindset both from a personal and business perspective...I came away from the (workshop) full of positive energy and techniques I implement in everyday situations. I couldn't recommend Nicki enough - she is an amazing coach, and you MUST give the (workshops) a go!”

Director, Content Marketing Agency

The whole team were super impressed with the training and your delivery – thank you! Friday was excellent too and it made sense afterwards in how you mentioned we were working on all of our energies over the two days.  


 Delivery Director, General Insurance or Finance

Thank you SO much for yesterday Nicki. You really made an impact and generated discussion...I noticed the (delegates) were comparing what they had written in response to your presentations - instant value before we start on anything more!"

Major, Royal Marines

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