Helping professionals to grow resilience through adventure



Resilience is the ability to come back from and grow as a result of challenge and adversity. It is not a characteristic that the lucky few possess, but a quality that can be actively developed over time. Resilience is not just about grit and mental toughness. Resilience is about managing difficult experiences, learning from them and ultimately being able to thrive.

It has been shown that going outside of your comfort zone improves performance. This idea has been explored in a range of fields, from elite sport to the corporate world. Our approach is founded on the underlying premise that in doing so, you develop your inner strength. This creates a core of resilience that enables you to cope and grow when faced with life’s challenges.



Resilient leaders make stronger teams - and stronger teams are more productive. 


Our bespoke workshops will take your teams outside of their comfort zone, improving their communication skills, relationships and their ability to perform under pressure - all of which will future proof your business and increase your bottom line.


Do you want to re-connect with your inner adventurer?

 Our workshops combine adventure activities and resilience coaching, challenging you both physically and psychologically to really grow your confidence and your resilience. 

Whatever your goals, Resilience at Work can help you achieve them

Nicki is such a down-to-earth, warm and friendly host, with so much knowledge and experience to learn from! Her outlook on life and genuine passion for wanting to encourage others to take a chance and step outside of their comfort zones is incredibly inspiring.


Aside from coming away from the workshop with memories, experiences to tick off the bucket list, new friends and discovering a new place to visit – it also made me realise how important it is mentally to do things that force you to ‘live in the moment’ more, and most importantly learn to not feel guilty or worried for taking time away from everyday life and do something a little bit spontaneous just for myself!

Heidi, Videographer

Brene Brown
“Courage is a...habit, a virtue: You get it by courageous learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by couraging.”