At Resilience at Work, we work in support of both organisations and individuals to build confidence and resilience in the workplace and beyond. The underlying principle of all our workshops is to take individuals outside of their comfort zone, both physically and psychologically, building resilience and belief in what they are capable of achieving. 





We offer tailored packages to support you in developing resilience and confidence in your teams and high performers, ensuring that you are able to meet the challenges of the future world of work. We provide:


Resilience Development Workshops (Teams and Leadership Development) - unique experiential packages combining outdoors adventure activities to build resilience in your leaders and teams.

Women's Leadership Development Programme - as above, but focusing on women leaders helping to accelerate and secure your talent pipeline (contact for more information) 


Our Individual workshops combine adventure sports and mindset coaching to help tackle self-limiting beliefs, grow resilience and confidence to reach your potential. Join us for: