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You don't need to take our word for it - here's what previous clients have said about our programmes: 

"Physically I am fairly fearless, so this...was about working on my confidence and quieting my inner critic. So while I was excited about the surfing and coasteering, I was anxious about sharing my concerns with strangers. However, this was so liberating and a fundamental stage of understanding and improving my resilience."


"Nicki is such a down-to-earth, warm and friendly host, with so much knowledge and experience to learn from! Her outlook on life and genuine passion for wanting to encourage others to take a chance and step outside of their comfort zones is incredibly inspiring.


Aside from coming away from the workshop with memories, experiences to tick off the bucket list, new friends and discovering a new place to visit – it also made me realise how important it is mentally to do things that force you to ‘live in the moment’ more, and most importantly learn to not feel guilty or worried for taking time away from everyday life and do something a little bit spontaneous just for myself!"


"I knew I had a few issues around self confidence and self belief and I was beginning to think this was holding me - and my

business - back....Trying surfing for the first time and jumping off very high rocks into the sea when I am terrified of heights, as well as group sessions focused around leadership, gave me some inner strength and grit I hadn't tapped into before. 

Two months later I got the investment I had been pitching for for the past 18 months. I am sure that my new found resilience and self belief had a lot to do with it!"                                                                                                                



Resilience at Work | Croyde Beach Surf Academy
Resilience at Work |  Lifecoaching | Empowerment and Confidence
Resilience at Work |  Life Changing Adventure
Resilience at Work |  Life Changing Adventure
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