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“You won’t know until you go”

This is a principle I was reminded of by my fantastic coach in one of her recent podcasts (A Brilliant Gamble) - and one I found myself putting into practice a few days ago during half term. Having arranged it so that my husband would do the breakfast shift whilst I headed out for a surf, I checked the forecast at 7.30 to find it was - to put it politely - less than promising.... But I also knew that it was my last chance of getting in the water before heading home. So I climbed into the car (and a still damp wetsuit) and headed down to my local break. A cursory check from the dunes confirmed my suspicions that this was unlikely to be an epic day - messy onshore waves and a strong wind with little hope of getting anywhere, let alone out back. On the plus side there were a couple of guys from the surf life saving club on the beach so at least someone would notice if I got into trouble ... So in I went and as soon as I hit the water I knew I had made the right decision. Not because the waves were much better than anticipated (there was a good reason I was the only one out...) but because I was in the water on my board enjoying the wonderful sense of peace and perspective that being in the sea gives you (especially given that the alternative was bribing the kids out of bed and making endless rounds of toast!) I managed to get a couple of fun waves and even saw a rainbow - although at the point at which it went totally flat and I was pelted in the face by horizontal rain, I decided I had given it my best shot. I got home and although sadly the toast making had not materialised in my absence, it all seemed that much more bearable as a result. And whilst it might not have been my best day in the waves, it was still an awesome way to start the day - which if I had stuck to the surf report I would never have known...

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