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The Everyday Adventure Project

6 week online webinar course

Stuck in the mundanity of your day to day routine?

Been doing the same role at work for what seems like forever?

Find yourself wondering what happened to that adventurous younger version of yourself?

These are some of the things I often hear from my clients during our sessions.  They love their family, feel grateful for everything they have, but at the same time they feel that there is something is missing and are wondering where the sparkle has gone.  With this in mind, I am launching my first 6-week online course, designed to help you think about your own needs, reconnect with your sense of purpose and start living life more adventurously! 

How will it work?

I know that time is precious, but it can also be really tough to try to work some of this stuff out on your own. With this in mind, the course will run for 6 weeks with a live webinar taking place between 12.30 and 13.30 every Friday (this will be recorded in case you are unable to make a session). Each week I will cover a separate topic focused on identifying what is missing, the barriers holding you back and how to take the next steps and move forward.


To make sure you get the most out these sessions, there will be preparatory worksheet that will take around 30 minutes and there will also be a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support from other course members and get some accountability too! 

When will it start?

The 6-week online course will start Monday 23rd September 2019 with the first webinar on Friday 27th September. Please don’t worry if you can’t make one of the sessions, you can always catch up as we will share the link for the recording afterwards.   

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who wants some help injecting some adventure back into their lives and is willing to take the steps that enable this to happen. I strongly believe in the principle of incremental gains. This is not necessarily about launching into a life changing decision, but about identifying the steps and making the small changes that will move you towards the sort of life you want to lead.

What will I get out of it? 

Whilst I can’t promise overnight transformation, what I can guarantee is that you will get practical tips and solutions to allow you to gain control and steer your life in the direction that you want to go. If you already have an idea of an adventure you would like to undertake, this course will take you through the steps you need to get started. And if you are not sure what that adventure looks like yet, it will help you to work through your ideas and start to get clear.

Course Details

Week 1 - Introduction and Identity

I will take you through a series of exercises, facilitate discussion and ask you to start thinking about:

  • Who did I used to be?

  • What it the part of me that I want to reconnect with?

Week 2 - Growth Mindset and Adventure

The mental preparation for designing an adventure

  • How to face your fears?

  • What is stopping you?

Week 3 - Decide your adventure goal

  • What is it you want to achieve?

  • What do hope to achieve?

  • What will the impact be?

  • How will this make you feel?

NB When I talk about adventure each perception of this term is unique to you. For some it will be to do something radical like learn to surf or climb Mount Everest but for others it could mean to get out more and explore their local area or simply spend more quality time with their family, friends and loved ones.

Week 4 - Plan your adventure

  • What are the steps you need to take to achieve your objective?

  • What resources will you need?

  • What are the likely barriers?

Week 5 - Commitment

  • What is the psychology around commitment?

  • What does this stir up for you?

  • Understand the fear of failure

Week 6 - Next steps

  • What happens next?

  • What do you have to do now that you have committed?

  • What support have you put in place to keep going?

  • What else do you need?

What Happens Next?

If this sounds like you, we would love you to join us to start the course on Monday 23rd September 2019 

Please note: Spaces are limited and the course will run for 6 weeks in total 

The Cost

We are offering an Early bird Introduction price for this course

Early Bird Introductory Price  - £95.00 

until Friday 30 August 2019

Full Price  -  £135.00 

(usually £299.00)  from Saturday 31st August 2019

What’s it like to work with me?

If you like the idea of the course, but you're not sure if I am the person to help you CLICK HERE to see what others who have worked with me have to say! 

The Small Print

The course will start on 23 September 2019 and run weekly through until 30th October 2019. 

The Early Bird Price is available until 30 August 2019. 

If you miss a webinar, a  recording will be available and you will be able to catch up. 

Strictly no refunds are given.  Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

To secure your space payment must be made in full on Eventbrite.

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