Grow outside your comfort zone


What does going outside your comfort zone really feel like?

Through a combination of adventure activities and resilience coaching, our workshops challenge you both physically and psychologically to really grow your confidence and your resilience.


During the workshops, you will take part in adventurous activities and group mindset coaching to help build your confidence and resilience.

Not only that, but you will get the chance to connect with a community of like-minded people who will support you to go outside your comfort zone to achieve far more than you ever believed possible! 

And new for September 2019 we are introducing our online programme, designed especially for those who can't make the live events, but are still keen to build more adventure into their everyday lives!



Croyde, Devon

Our  Coastal  Workshop  takes place in Croyde Bay on the beautiful North Devon coast. Over the weekend you will take part in adventure activities and facilitated resilience workshops, enjoying the elements and discovering how to apply what you are experiencing in the water to everyday life. 





Dog Sledding

Our exclusive Winter Survival adventure is held in partnership with Nordic Arctic Survival experts Wild Norway. ❄️ You will learn how to survive and thrive in the cold in the stunning Scandinavian wilderness, whilst discovering how to use the experience to develop your mindset and accelerate your career and life.

Coming Soon...

We have figured out a way to help those of you unable to attend our live workshops to develop resilience and build more adventure into your daily life.

 Our 6 week course "The Everyday Adventure Programme" will take help you identify your next adventure, confront any mindset barriers and help you re-inject some sparkle and excitement into your daily routine!

Watch this space!